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Products & Services: Production & Distribution
Address: Malotinagar, Bakshibazar road, Bogra-5800, Bangladesh
City: Bogra
Phone: 1730041721, 0088 051 78724, Hotline: 0088 01730 041771-5
Fax: 0088 051 64782
Desc: Shova advanced technologies ltd. has been established in 2004. the company started business from Bogra, but now its been spread all over Bangladesh. from the beginning,The company’s principle is “service is first”. First, company starts manufacturing and marketing with electronic weighing scale, but now added home IPS, battery, DLF energy saving bulb, road vehicle weigh bridge. The corporate office of the company located in Bakshibazar road, Malotinagar, Bogra and outlet of the company are located all over Bangladesh. The company has successfully expanded its business and acquired the trust through its confidence, quality and integrity.

Total employee: 230
Total engineer: 80
Service approved by: BSTI
Product quality: BSTI approved & OIML standard
Management standard: ISO9001-2008 certified
Supply capacity: As per requirement
Brand name: SUMO


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